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Welcome to my Website!

Hello everyone. My name is Wanda and YES, I am a pervert. I am a kinky Asian girl that enjoys wearing spandex and tight and shiny catsuits and leotards. Become a member and check out how horny I get when I wear my lycra cloth. Watch me masturbating in skintight Spandex.
Updated at least 2 times per week with HQ Videos of me in Spandex.

Latest Updates:

NEW UPDATE! The original Japanese school swimsuit (32 Pictures, 1 Video)
And here is another School Mizugi or sukumizu swimsuit a Member from Japan sent to me. I really couldn't wait to rub myself in it. I have seen so many beautiful Japanese girls in these, I always wanted one of my own. and here it is! Enjoy!
NEW UPDATE! Still on Flower Power (32 Pictures, 1 Video)
And I am having another colorful flower leotard which I would like to show to you. Hope you like it and get as horny as i did that day ;)
NEW UPDATE! Flowers and Stripes Leotard (33 Pictures, 1 Video)
For New Year, Thai People wear shirts that are sprinkled with flowers. Since I like leotards more, here is the "flowers and stripes" leotard with my shiny pantyhose for you! I hope you enjoy and I wish all of you a Happy Thai New Year!!
NEW UPDATE! In orange and yellow Bicycle Unitard (34 Pictures, 1 Video)
and here is me in my new bicycle racing unitard. I bought this one online and really love it. Can't wait for my first trip in it. See you on the road!
NEW UPDATE! High Cut Japanese School Mizugi (1 Video, 42 Pictures)
Wow, a member sent me this japanese school schwimsuit called mizugi or sukumizu from Japan. It is absolutely hot and I really had to try this one on in one of this websites videos. Enjoy!
NEW UPDATE! Love and Peace Leotard (40 Pictures, 1 Video)
This is a really beautiful leotard. I just love it, it fits really tight and one can masturbate very good in it. I'm loving it.
NEW UPDATE! The Dungeon - Part 3 (70 Pictures, 1 Video)
So far the last part of me in the BDSM dungeon. I enjoyed it very much and will hopefully be back here soon. Enjoy the video guys!
NEW UPDATE! The Dungeon - Part 2 (70 Pictures, 1 Video)
This hologram leotard went kinda missing but I found it in the back of my closet and couldn't wait to wear it again.

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